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 MINDS Activity

MINDS offers products and services to road construction and agricultural businesses. Our activity is comprised of:

   • Plant automation.
   • Information technology applied to Road Construction
   • Information technology applied to Agriculture

Incorporated in 1994, MINDS has acquired a reputation of quality, technical know-how, and capacity for innovation. Today, MINDS is a major player in its field in North America and Europe with more than 400 factories equipped with MINDS' systems.

Minds Inc. is dedicated to the long-term commitment of our customers by continuing to listen to their needs and responding with innovation solutions and technology. Nearly 100% of our marketing is based on word of mouth and long term collaboration with our customers and partners.

Approximately 15% of our sales turnover is targeted towards Research and Development as this area is key to our ongoing growth. Many technical advances in road construction and agriculture were introduced by MINDS. Our most recent innovation is our software service of real-time operational information called eRoutes™.

 MINDS commercial ethics

The commercial activities of MINDS adhere to high ethical standards which reflect the personal values of the founders.

We believe that MINDS' ethical standard guarantees long-lasting growth of the company and promotes healthy and advantageous relations with our customers. It provides MINDS' employees with a clear direction in the daily management ensuring integrity of our employees and our operation.

MINDS' ethics policy respects the laws and rules which apply to its business dealings and operations. MINDS recognizes that practices, traditions and values differ locally and as such will be respected. Our well established reputation and principled approach in all our operations has become a priceless credential.

The solutions suggested by MINDS are based on our current and best knowledge. Our proposals our customers are what we believe is the most adequate in terms of costs, technology and timeframe. The products and the services developed and proposed are those in which we have confidence.

Customer Equality
Our customers comprise of small-to-medium enterprises and large multinational companies. All of our customers receive the same treatment whatever their size or commercial potential.

MINDS data processing operations typically require MINDS to temporarily store data relating to the operational activity of customers. This information is treated in all confidentiality through our software and our personnel according to the terms specified in the contracts of services.

 Research and development
Research and development are among the key areas to the growth of MINDS; 15% of our sales turnover is allocated to this area.

As a leader in our field, we have a proactive policy regarding the selection of research projects. It is more challenging to choose a direction when there is nobody to follow!

Projects are selected according to the following criteria:

   • Garnering feedback from our customers in our field and related fields
   • Evaluating the added value (time/cost savings, increased productivity, better information) for the customer through new technology
   • Return on investment through R&D
   • Capacity of the new technology to increase added value and profit to our bottom line

Projects in progress or recently completed are:

eRoutes Information System
     • Application of information technologies to Road Construction
     • Application of information technologies to Agriculture

I/O module: XIO

Batchtronic and Drumtronic
     • Tight budget solutions for Asphalt Plant Automation