Tessera Ticketing
Job Ticketing & Management Software

Efficient ticketing and management software for asphalt plants to handle billing jobs, trucks, haulers, materials - use standalone or fully integrated with MINDS production systems such as DrumTronic, BatchTronic, and LoadOut.

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" The plant control system that Minds designed for us has worked very well. The graphics depict the plant almost identically as built and are very easy to follow from the control room. Each valve is shown with its position indicated by colors that make identifying issues, such as a stuck valve, extremely easy. The materials that we have produced with the system have been very consistent from the first production run. Also, Minds has been very responsive to any issues that have been identified and can dial into the system and make adjustments easily. "

Allen Hendricks, Vice President Blythe Construction, Inc.

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Tessera Ticketing Highlights

Tessera Ticketing allows users to quickly and easily print tickets/invoices after material has been loaded on to a truck. Tessera supports the ability to store customers, haulers, jobs, materials and trucks. When making a new ticket, all the operator needs to do is select the appropriate customer, job, material, etc. and all of the relevant ticketing information is automatically filled in on the ticket.

The software takes care of pricing the material, doing any relevant unit conversions, calculating the taxes and making sure that all required information has been selected.

e-Ticketing options now available! Send emails to truck drivers, job foreman and job inspectors. Get digital sign-offs and updates.

Quickly print tickets or invoices after material has been loaded

Quickly print tickets or invoices after material has been loaded

  • Sell by weight and measure by volume or vice versa
  • Automatic unit conversion; system adjusts unit price based on units selected by the operator
  • Comprehensive material pricing rules; price material for specific customer and job
  • Handles multiple taxes, including tax-on-tax; can account for tax increases that automatically take effect at a specified date
  • Visual ticket layout designer provides ability to accommodate any ticket layout; if we store it, you can print it
  • Allows use of different ticket layouts for cash sales versus credit sales
  • Easily design reports to see any piece of data collected on a ticket in a custom report
  • Free-form ticket fields allow system to capture custom ticketing information with no software changes

e-Ticketing Options

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the need for a digital ticketing solution has emerged to help social distancing compliance for weighmasters, truck drivers, job foreman, and inspectors.

Tessera e-Ticketing is an add-on to Tessera available in two formats: email ticketing and a mobile app (coming summer 2020).

See more screenshots in the Quick Tour below.

Email-based Ticketing (available now!)

  • A PDF version of each ticket is emailed to the truck driver, job foreman and job inspector.
  • The truck driver can sign off the ticket when arriving on the job site by just clicking on a link in the email
  • A load dumped notification email can optionally be sent to the job foreman and/or inspector
  • The job foreman and the inspector can also sign off the ticket
  • Ticket status is available locally at the plant showing which tickets have been signed off and by who
e-Tickets sent via email and allow recipients to acknowledge

e-Tickets sent via email and allow recipients to acknowledge

Mobile Application (coming soon)

  • Tessera's e-Ticketing mobile application will provide a dedicated interface, GPS tracking, comprehensive reporting, and notification features
  • Our team is working hard to offer this state-of-the-art ticketing application in the near future
Integrates seamlessly into our Plant Production software

Integrates seamlessly into our Plant Production software

Use Standalone or integrate
with Plant Production

Another advantage of Tessera Ticketing is the flexibility in how you can use it. Tessera Ticketing can operated as standalone software on an individual PC. Standalone installations still enjoy the full feature set to manage customers, jobs, trucks with the ability to export ticket data to popular invoicing programs. Many of MINDS' customers prefer integrating Tessera Ticketing with their other production processes, such as loading & weighing delivery trucks bound for the road construction site.

When integrated with MINDS LoadOut on the same computer or a linked computer, Tessera Ticketing can create rapidly create invoices for loads that have just completed for a natural workflow. For end-to-end plant management, consider MINDS asphalt plant production automation and control systems - DrumTronic and BatchTronic, then LoadOut for truck loading/weighing, and finally Tessera Ticketing for the business and sales. With Tessera Enterprise (coming soon), another layer of information technology will be added for multi-site plant management and job coordination.

Tessera Ticketing Quick Tour

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